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An image of Jess holding a pie and laughing into the camera


Hello! I’m Jess, a home baker from the midwest with a love for all things food. I have baked sweets and treats for what feels like my whole life. I've also been lucky enough to eat and be inspired by some amazing culinary creators locally and in my travels.  In 2020, I decided that I wanted to turn my passion into a career and began serving treats out of my small home kitchen.  The Heart Baker has grown into a baking business with big dreams.  Everything I bake has evolved from favorites, suggestions and the dietary needs of those I love and bake for.  I offer both set menu items shipped to customers around the country as well as local opportunities to try some treats made straight from the heart.  Please reach out either here or on my socials to say hi.  


Super glad you're here. Thanks so much!


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